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We represent Florida insurance policyholders in “first-party” insurance claims. A first-party insurance claim is asserted by a policyholder against their insurance company. This usually arises when a policyholder makes a claim for loss and the claim is improperly denied or underpaid by the insurance company.

When a Loss Occurs

When a loss occurs in your home or business, the last thing you want to do is fight with your insurance company about the denial of your claim. Unfortunately, insurance companies commonly do not make it easy for their policyholders. Insurance companies will often challenge whether the cause of the property damage falls within the scope of coverage or will give a low estimate of the dollar amount of damage. Accordingly, it becomes necessary to have an attorney who is familiar with the relevant legal principles in Florida.

Complex Issues

Property insurance claims and lawsuits can become complex. For instance, when a building or structure is involved, the use of public adjusters, architects, engineers, contractors, plumbers, or other construction experts may be required to analyze the cause of the property damage or the amount of loss. It is essential in such cases to have a property insurance attorney who can tap into a vast network of insurance claim experts and work with those experts to build a winning case.

Another issue that can make claims and lawsuits complex is that there can be more than one cause of property damage, with one being a covered risk and the other not covered under the policy. Accordingly, legal interpretations of insurance policy language may be at issue, and it is important to have an attorney with knowledge of Florida insurance law relentlessly advocating on your behalf.

What You Can Do

If you suffer a property loss, take photographs of the damage, gather receipts, and other ownership documents, and make sure you keep a written record of your communications with your insurance company. If you need immediate help with your insurance claim, please call PCLG at 305-961-1038.



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