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Author: santi

BBQ hot dogs, not your home

By: santi
Jul 4, 2017
HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY! We hope you enjoy the fireworks. You deserve it. However, if you have a neighbor who loves illegal fireworks but has really, really, bad aim, you...

Millennials are coming…

By: santi
Jul 4, 2017
MILLENNIALS. You hear the term often. Millennials are the social media generation. They are the smartphone generation. They are the generation whose early personal and financial decisions were likely affected...

Do you know what your drain line looks like?

By: santi
Jun 25, 2017
Probably not, but the journey to the answer might begin with this question: “honey, what’s that smell coming from?” Hopefully, it’s not your toilet backing up due to an issue...

Negotiate Deals like the FBI

By: santi
Jun 16, 2017
NEGOTIATION! Whether you like it or not – negotiating is at the core of everything we do day in and day out. Negotiating is a skill that real estate professionals...
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